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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Thursday 3rd July 2014

Went to the market at Hennebont this morning. Found some really fresh quality fruit and vegetables. 

I've planned out a Breton menu for the dinner party when Laura's over but, after reading her e-mail this morning (not liking shellfish), I'm going to have to change the starter... Have now decided to keep the moules mariniere and Laura can have crepes. For the main course I'm going to try the poulet au cidre Breton (better do a trial run) and I'll make a Breton far cake for the dessert. A lot of people are put off by prunes in cake, but I love it (really is delicious!).
Must remember to ask Laura to bring over some Marmite, baked beans and teabags when she comes.
Best get the dinner all sorted in advance. Everyone says I get stressed when I'm cooking (I don't believe it). Quite a few said they're coming; Rodrigo and Tatiana, Ines, Alexander and Simone, and now Karl said he'll come. Everyone's bringing some drink (cider and wine). I'm looking forward to it. 

Decided to video my trial run for the Breton cider chicken. Weird how the camera is okay taking videos and not with photos (see blog) 

Pieter came over to offer to help with my laptop this evening. He remembered me saying about the problems I've been having uploading my files to Kindle. He's a manager of an IT company in Rennes and even he couldn't see how it could be uploaded with OpenOffice. In the end, he installed Microsoft Office on my computer and now it works like a dream - Brilliant!

Just published Amatore's Restaurant on Amazon Kindle this evening. So relieved to get it up there at last.

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