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Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday 4th July 2014

This morning sold my first book on Kindle! So pleased! Wonder if they'll enjoy it?
I've been thinking about Karl's plan to rescue some of the baby boar from the woods around here. (I knew there were wild boar in France but didn't realise they had them around here). He says the locals hunt them and sometimes leave the piglets abandoned. He plans find the piglets and rear them on his land. Must remind him that I'm up for going along and giving him a hand with his search.
Spent all morning practising for the gig tonight. Added some new American standards in view of the occasion (US Independence Day); BlueMoon, Ain't Misbehavin' and Lullabyof Birdland.
I was sitting at the piano running through some technical exercises when a fly came and settled on the music stand. It remained very still as I played, as if it was listening. But whenever I paused, it flew off, returning to the same spot when I started up again. Very strange!

Something similar happened a couple of weeks ago. A greenfinch flew straight into the window pane and dropped onto the sill, stunned, so I picked him up and brought him in. I was practising the piano at the time and, when the bird came round, he perched at the edge of the basket as if in a trance. As soon as I stopped playing, he started to fly around the room. I was sorry to let him go. 

Didn't take a photo of the Greenfinch but here's one of a thrush which also happened to crash land into the window. (Thought he had a broken wing, but he was also okay after a while). 

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