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Friday, 18 July 2014

Friday 18th July‏: Pepin

Solange came over this morning to tell me about her new dog, a little poodle called Pepin. He was running around her ankles barking. She explained he used to belong to an elderly lady with dementia who could no longer take care of him. Solange said the children really like him but he cried last night and she had to sleep on the sofa with him. Shame Laura isn't still here; she would have loved him.
I managed to run through several pieces this morning for the wedding gig in September. I really like Corcovado by Antonio Carlos Jobim. (Rodrigo told me last week how the song is about a guitarist and his girlfriend who are looking out of their window towards the view of the mountain in Rio and thinking how beautiful it is). Also ran through The Girl from Ipanema; everyone seems to know this one. Another favourite of mine is Quando, Quando, Quando (the original Tony Renis version, that is). I really like the arrangement of Cumparsita which Grace Jones sings (I've Seen That Face Before). Alexander's not too sure of this one, but I think it sounds great.
Walked to the village and had a beer in Pascal's bar. Not many people out drinking tonight. Chatted to him about football (his favourite subject). I'm sure he believed France would win.
Got back and gave the garden a good watering.  

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