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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Thursday 10th July 2014

Accidentally woke Laura up at 5.30. She then spent five minutes explaining that she's not a morning person. Tried to be as quiet as possible but the slightest sound wakes her. Yesterday it was me filling up the kettle, today it's me stirring my coffee. 
Set off for Carnac for a practise at Alexander's. On the way we stopped and walked around the Alignements de Keriescon an area of over 240 prehistoric standing stones. Laura was interested in knowing the history behind them. Brittany has over three thousand but no one seems to know their significance. 
Had a quick look at Carnac beach and then stopped at St Colomban, a little fishing village where oysters are farmed. Laura reminded me she hates shellfish. I showed her the 16th century fountain with two troughs, one for the washer women and one for the animals to drink from. She took several pictures of this, also some of the Gothic chapel. 

When we reached Alexander and Simone's bungalow Rodrigo was already there and had brought Tatiana and their little boy, Paulo, along. Ines turned up fifteen minutes later with a pile of music under her arm (what is it about singers and timekeeping?). She wanted to run through Sin Ti and told me about a version by Ikira Baru she likes; must admit I do like that version but hope she's not expecting me to sort out the arrangements this time. Also went through some of the songs we rehearsed earlier this year: nice to get back to those bossas again (Agua de Beber, So Danco Samba and Desafinado)
Whilst we practised in the summerhouse, Laura sat in the garden with Tatiana and Paulo. She told me on the way home that Tatiana had been complaining about life on the campsite and how crowded it's becoming. Not sure why they're living on the campsite or why they left Brazil. Laura said she had lived on a campsite in Portugal. 
Alexander is stressed about work and wondering yet again whether to resign. He also agreed to organise the band this year, but I think he's taking on too much; I can't see Rodrigo doing it (and I certainly don't want to).
On the way back we called in at Karl's . We sat outside with our coffees and watched Gertrude swimming on the lake with her new friends. Laura said she reminded her of Jemima Puddle Duck. 
Ran through our plans for promoting the books. Maybe I'll have to go over to Brighton for a few days.

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