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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Thursday July 24th 2014: Rehearsal

Was disappointed that Ines couldn't make the practice at Alexander's last night. Would have been useful to run through her pieces for the birthday gig on Saturday. Makes me wonder just how committed she is.
After practising in the summerhouse we sat out in the garden and Rodrigo told us about a few of the characters on the campsite. He's very good at doing impressions, imitating voices and accents; his description of the man who spent all his time in a tiny coffin shaped tent was hilarious. He also told us about a family, two parents and a young son who seem to do nothing but sit outside their tent all day. He said they go everywhere together and claims he'd never heard them speak. We sobered up when Simone came out into the garden and asked us all to be quiet, complaining that she had to get up early for work tomorrow. Alex affectionately calls her the Dragon, but he's besotted with her really.
Very lethargic today. Julien has been coming into the cottage today, peering around the door and then running away. He posts me presents of flower petals through my letter box. Pepin followed him in today, tail wagging. Solange came looking for them. She was very apologetic and told Julien off for bothering me. But he's very sweet and not a nuisance (well, not unless I'm trying to work). He'll soon get to an age when he won't want to know adults.

A strange thing happened this afternoon. I walked to the village and stopped off for a coffee. Pascal asked if I was good friends with Jean-Luc. I told him he's a neighbour and that I didn't know him very well. Pascal rolled his eyes and exclaimed "Il est fou, fou!" (He's mad, mad!). His daughter and several of the other drinkers at the bar seemed to find this very amusing. Wonder what Jean-Luc has done to make them say this? 

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