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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Saturday 5th July 2014

After I finished playing last night at the restaurant a couple came up and asked about Guantanamera (not exactly a patriotic USA piece). The couple were French, from Marseilles. They recognised the piece but didn't know much about it. Philippe mentioned he will have more work for me during the summer. He was in a good mood, seems very optimistic about the restaurant now that he's found a new chef. He introduced Jose to me. (I'd say there's more than a professional relationship between them).
Laura's arriving tomorrow morning at eight o' clock, sailing overnight. She mentioned in her e-mail she hates travelling by boat and gets sick. Oh dear, hope she's up for a long car journey! 
Jean-Luc came round and mentioned l'oie but I just pretended not to understand. He's going to be disappointed when he's served chicken (and not Gertrude) at the dinner next week.
Thought I'd better stock up on basic supplies, so spent nearly an hour at Intermarche. Packed out, probably because it's a Saturday. 

Garden's looking good: found Coco asleep in the middle of the daisies. 

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