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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Tuesday 8th July 2014 Trip to Belle Île

My legs are still aching from today's cycling in Belle Île. Bit disappointed with the island to be honest although Laura seemed to like it. Karl was keen to come along as he was interested in the wildlife on the island (eco system).
Thank God it wasn't raining like yesterday. 

Our bikes cost 15 Euros to hire for the day, not too bad especially as Laura paid! Went to Bangor to see the lighthouse but didn't spend too long there as Laura wanted to go to the Citadelle at Vauban. This was very interesting, full of old dungeons, passageways and underground tunnels and cells where revolutionaries were once imprisoned. Had to laugh at Karl attempts to freak out Laura during the tour. (I think he's taken with her).
Enjoyed lunch in Le Palais; galettes tasted very good. 
Karl wanted to explore the South West coast (Cote Sauvage). After wandering around for ages he called us over to some scrub where he was sure he'd spotted a rare vole. (We couldn't see anything but he was convinced). After hanging around for about fifteen minutes, I could see Laura was getting impatient. So we left Karl scrabbling around in the bushes having arranged to meet him at the café near the dock. 

Managed to fit in a quick look at Aguiles de Port Coton, a group of strange shaped rocks which featured in one of Monet's paintings (see blog) then headed back to town to get a coffee before catching the ferry back to Vannes. 
We had left Karl with strict instructions to be back at the harbour by quarter to four at the latest. At ten to four there was still no sign of him. As he'd left his mobile at home there was nothing we could do except wait. It was Laura who spotted him as we stood on the deck of the ferry. First time I've ever seen him run anywhere and, even then, he only just made it in time. 

Back home; sat in the garden with a ham salad washed and a glass of white wine. So good to relax! 

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