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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Saturday 12th‏ July: Dinner Party

Last night's dinner went very well.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the starter; Breton pancakes. Rodrigo, fork waving, talked all the way through. He had everyone laughing at his impressions of the characters living on the campsite. Tatiana chatted to Laura about different places in Portugal, they get on very well. Ines wanted to discuss some new pieces with myself and Alexander. I asked Simone to explain to Jean-Luc that I'd given Gertrude to Karl. I thought it best to keep to the truth. Jean-Luc seemed puzzled by this whilst Marie shook her head in disapproval. They were very quiet throughout the dinner. Karl showed them a picture of Gertrude on his phone but they remained unimpressed.
Tatiana passed round photos of their house which Rodrigo is building. She's desperate to be out of the campsite. She and Laura shared a common interest in the horrors of campsite showers.
I was pleased with the main course, Poulet au Cidre. Laura thought I might have put too many onions in but everyone seemed to enjoy it. Laura played hostess; filling up everyone's wine glasses.
Simone was complimenting me on my Far cake when Marie interrupted, advising in very slow and over pronounced French, that it needed more prunes.
After a few puffs in the garden, Karl launched into a speech extolling the virtues of Schubert whilst Laura seemed to be fascinated by the size of the moon. It was only when we went back inside that I noticed Jean-luc and Marie had disappeared; don't remember them saying goodbye.

Alexander had brought his guitar and Karl started off by singing his version of JJ Cale's Cocaine. We carried on jamming until the early hours with Ines leading the singing. Have to admit she has a good voice and I'm looking forward to working with her again. 

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