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Monday, 21 July 2014

Monday 21st July 2014: Trouble at Restaurant

Had a long chat with Laura this morning (the wonders of Skype) about different ways of marketing my books; particularly Amatore's Restaurant. She wants everything to happen instantly but the internet has so much conflicting advice it's going to take a while to wade through it all. It's a matter of knowing who my market is and connecting with potential readers.
Thinking about what happened yesterday at the restaurant. Hope Philippe is okay. I've never known him to close the place up before. I was a bit annoyed after driving all that way and finding the entrance locked. Don't think he wanted to see anyone but after I stood there banging on the door for several minutes it was clear I wasn't going away. I could see he was upset when he finally appeared.
After I made us coffee he told me that Jose had stayed out and only turned up about an hour ago. While wasn't the first time, he's never stayed out the whole night before. He was supposed to start work at eight, but when he got back, he went straight to bed and wouldn't say where he's been. Philippe cancelled all his lunch time bookings as he was too upset to open up. He was very apologetic about my wasted journey and ended up paying my fee in cash from the till.
It seems things got a bit heated. There were some broken wine glasses and a few overturned chairs lying around. Before I left I helped clear up I told him not to worry as it'll probably all blow over. I feel like an Agony Aunt! I think Philippe going to have to accept this is how it's going to be, otherwise I can see him driving Jose away. Must remember to tell Laura all about it.
Pepin's made friends and not barking at me any more; I guess he must be used to me now.

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