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Monday, 30 June 2014

Monday 30th June 2014

Went round to Karl's today to check on Gertrude. Funny to see her swimming around the lake, she seems to be having a great time. Karl showed me a rare chest of drawers he's working on which he picked it up for fifty Euros at a house sale near Quimper. He told me the maker's name but I can't remember now - must ask again when I see him. At some stage it had been painted white. He's now removed half of it away and the wood is a deep rich mahogany.
We had a coffee in his old farmhouse kitchen and I mentioned about the problems I'm having with my car. I also said about Laura having to meet Laura in St Malo. He said he has to go to Dinan on that day to pick up some furniture from a manoir and so he offered to drive me up there if I didn't mind helping load up the van - so relieved.
Rodrigo phoned this morning to arrange a band practice. He and Tatiana are still living on the campsite. Can't be easy for them there; very crowded in the summer. He's desperate for some gigs, even though he's a very good drummer. Said he'll contact Ines and Alexander and try and arrange an evening practice, over at Alexander's place. (He must still have his kit there).
Spent this evening looking at Laura's suggestions for the blurb. Sent her a couple of e-mails. It'll be so much easier discussing things face to face. 

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