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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Thursday 12th June 2014

Woke up around 5.30 this morning. My first thought was of two of my characters, Luisa and Mercè. I can't think why it was those two. I must have been dreaming about them. I'm so relieved to have finished the book but the characters stay with me.
Still trying to work out the best way to get my short stories onto Amazon Kindle. I'm not exactly a computer wizard and not having Microsoft Office makes things difficult. There must be some advice on the internet somewhere. I'll have to just keep looking.
Got so fed up with it all I went out for a walk around the lanes. Chatted to Jean-Luc who was still painting his fence. Why on earth did I ask him to dinner next week - he never says much, just stares at everyone. I'm not too sure what Jean-Luc was saying about the dinner, he doesn't speak any English and my French is not so good. Bruno, followed me half-way down the lane, tail wagging, as if he was desperate for a bit of company. Must remember to send Laura an e-mail to find out what she does and doesn't like to eat. 

My herbs are coming along well, cluttering up my hallway. The Basil especially is doing well. Must look up some Breton soup recipes where I could use them.  

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