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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wednesday 25th June 2014

Solange brought Karl around this morning to take Gertrude to her new home. After several chases round the house and garden we bundled her into the back of his battered old van. On the way Karl told me about his travels, back-packing through India, Vietnam and Thailand and later living in Canada for two years. I told him about my time at sea and Brazil. He speaks fluent English, which certainly makes things easy for me.
When we reached his lovely old farmhouse, I carried Gertrude out to the lake and set her down. Several ducks were on the water and a group of geese at the edge eyed him suspiciously. Gertrude pretended to ignore them and Karl assured me they would all be the best of friends by tomorrow.
Karl is a carpenter and also restores antique furniture. He showed me his workshop where he has a beautiful pair of 18th Century armchairs which he's working on. He already has a buyer for them. He told me how he built and installed all the kitchen cabinets in Pieter and Solange's kitchen. We had a coffee and after watching Gertrude take her first dip in the lake he drove me back home.
Didn't get much work done this afternoon but feeling relieved now Gertrude's found a good home.

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