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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Wednesday 18th June 2014

Woke up to hissing sounds this morning. Then I remembered -- Gertrude! I got up and looked out the bedroom window and there she was, strutting around the front garden with Coco meowing and watching from a safe distance. I can't ask Jean-Luc to take her back. I never thought he'd bring me a live goose for the dinner.
Last night when he arrived dragging the thing along on one of Bruno's old leads, I was stunned. I've never seen Jean-Luc so pleased with himself. Like a complete idiot, I ended up taking the bird and thanking him. Didn't have the heart to refuse.
Still trying to think of a title for my anthology. Laura's sent me a few suggestions. Sitting out in my little garden with the geraniums thinking about her suggestions.
So hot today, hope it cools down tonight. Gertrude drove me mad this afternoon honking and hissing. Maybe I'll be forced to assassinate her if she carries on. Hope she doesn't bother my landlords too much. Must remember to ask Solange if I can borrow her vacuum cleaner before Laura arrives. 

Had two slices of my chocolate and coffee cake. Excellent! 

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