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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Thursday 26th June 2014

When I got back from visiting visiting Karl yesterday I tried to put Amatore's Restaurant onto Kindle; got so frustrated that I had to take a break and go out for a beer. Managed to get to the village in the car, despite the clunking sound - seems to be getting louder.
The bar was packed out, of course I hadn't realised France were playing Ecuador. Put up with some good natured teasing from Pascal about Les Anglais and the state of the England team. Jean-Luc was there, drinking on his own, eyes glued to the television screen. I bought him a beer and went along with him when he mentioned l'oie. I'm going to have to tell him Gertrude has escaped, or maybe I'll have to buy a ready prepared goose for the dinner and pass it off as Gertrude.
I was thinking about Laura's visit quite a lot today. She's coming over on the boat from Portsmouth. Checked the distance from here to St Malo on the internet: 158 km which works out at about 98 miles. But not sure the car will make it that far. I could ask that guy, Michel, at the garage in Lorient to take a look, but I've got a feeling it's going to cost a bit.

Can't work out how to get my Amatore's Restaurant contents page from OpenOffice onto Kindle. I managed it with the Five Interludes - can't see what the problem is? (There's no way I can afford Microsoft Office). It's driving me crazy! 

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