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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Saturday 21st June 2014

Hoped to get lots of work done this morning but constantly interrupted by Gertrude's hysterical honking. I managed to revise the first two chapters of the Toby story; still think there are a lot more changes to be made. Sent the revisions to Laura just before 2.00 pm. Have to wait and see what she says.
Gertrude seems intent on terrorising Coco but the cat doesn't seem to be bothered at all; just sits twitching his tail with eyes fixed on his prey. Gave Gertrude a bowl of cereal which she snorted up happily. No idea what I'm going to tell Jean-Luc. Does he really imagine I could kill her? I could tell him she's escaped, I suppose. 
I noticed a unusual butterfly this morning near my front door; beautiful colours. Wanted to take some photos of it but just remembered my camera's broken. I found a picture in the internet which looks very similar, but there wasn't any information about it. 

Played a few jazz pieces this evening. Think the piano needs tuning; too expensive to do anything about it at the moment. Might include Smoke Gets in Your Eyes to my pad next time I play at the restaurant. Pleased with the way it sounds. Always liked the version Roxy Music did back in the seventies. Funny to think that I was in Somerset at the time (trying to make a living from painting watercolour landscapes -- must have been mad). Should really get some of them out and put them up on the wall; a bit of nostalgia (shame I sold most of the best ones).

Solange came over and invited me to their firework celebrations tonight (see: Feux de la Saint Jean). Forgot it was the Summer Solstice.  

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