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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sunday 22nd June 2014

Had a good time last night. The neighbour's bonfire was impressive. Pieter told me Solange thinks it's important to keep local traditions going. Told Pieter about Stonehenge and the celebrations there, he doesn't think they have anything like that in Holland. Don't know if they've got any celebrations up in the village, but must be some in Carnac.

Chatted to the couple staying at the gite with their little toddler, they live in Paris and both speak good English. Solange had made plenty of food, warm baguettes, chicken, prawn and cheese dips. Whilst Pieter kept everyone's glass filled. So lucky to have good landlords.
Solange asked about Gertrude (she's obviously seen her honking away). Tried to explain, but my French wasn't up to it. Had to get Pieter to help out. Turns out they know someone with a lake who might be willing to take her on. They said he's already got some geese. Thank goodness! Just hope it'll be a good home for her.

Managed to work through Laura's revisions for the Toby story. Feeling very positive about the book. Nice to get back to historical fiction - one area which really interests me, although does involve so much work with all the research. Can't imagine what it must have been like for writers before the internet. 

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