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Monday, 23 June 2014

Monday 23rd June 2014

Started reading through my Hove novel today. After about an hour it was so hot indoors I opened the front door to let the breeze in. Gertrude came stomping through and started eating Coco's biscuits. Had to shoo her away and shut her out, she then started banging against the door. Probably thinks I'm her mum.
Paul (from the gite) came over. I'd told him last night he could come round to try out my piano if he wanted. He's a visiting music professor at l'Ecole Normale in Paris and plays piano and violin. He certainly plays Debussy well! He wanted to run through a piece (l'Isle Joyeuse) which he will be playing for a recital when he returns to Paris.
He asked me about my writing and said his his wife would love to write a book. He said she has so many ideas but never gets any further than the second chapter. I asked him what he liked to read but he told me he never has any time for anything other than teaching and playing. Managed most of the conversation in French - must be Paul has more patience than most. 
Sat out in the garden this evening and read some more of Hangover Square. Such a brilliant portrayal of obsession. What a monster Netta is! 

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