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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tuesday 9th September: L'eau‏

Had a rehearsal yesterday evening with Rodrigo and Alexander. Ines didn't come as she'd only just got back from holiday and said she has so much work to catch up with. Alexander's still thinking about giving up his job and concentrating on his luthier business. Although he did mention Simone doesn't seem that keen on the idea (she's probably worried about the money).
We rehearsed the backing for a couple of new songs: MiTierra and Como Fue plus improved some of the versions of earlier ones: Quen Sera and Corcovado, which I have been practising singing (although, of course I wouldn't admit it to the others).
Celine called around this morning. She had just been interviewing an elderly lady living nearby about her childhood memories of legends and folk tales. The lady remembered how her mother used to tell her stories of Les Lavandieres; three old washerwomen who go to the water's edge at midnight to wash shrouds for those about to die. Also known as Kannerezed Noz / Cannard Noz (night ducks); small figures, dressed in green, with webbed feet. She told Celine there used to be a stream at the end of her garden, and when there was a full moon, she would stare out of her bedroom window, terrified at at the idea of seeing them (Of course, she never did!). 

Celine said she was a very sweet old lady who gave her some biscuits and coffee. The coffee was so strong it tasted like... Celine made a face and tried to find the word.
"Mud?" I suggested.
"No, not this."
She shook her head.
"Ah, yes, yes, this is it!"
She also said the biscuits were "old".
Remembering how I'd been in the merchant navy, she brought along a C.D of traditional Breton sailor's songs by a band called Cabestan; songs of shipwrecks, accompanied by fiddle and accordion. While we were listening to the C.D and eating the remains of my butter cake there was a knock at the door. I was amazed to see Adele. She was about to say something when she caught sight of Celine and stopped.
I waited for her to continue. Eventually she explained that there was some problem with her car.
"I am driving and the temperature it goes up" She indicated with her hands. "You have the water to put in le reservoir?" She gave a frown at Celine.
I introduced them and Adele said something in French (asking how long she had known me).
Celine replied in English. "I think it is not right to speak French when James is here. We speak English, yes?"
Adele didn't look happy with this. I caught her glaring Celine again as I filled up a jug of water.
We walked out into the lane in silence. Her car was parked alongside the hedge with the hood up. She took the jug from me without a word and poured in the water. When she handed it back she hinted at coming in for a coffee. I was about to answer when Celine interrupted saying that we were about to go out. Adele turned to her. "What is your name? I forget," she smirked.
Celine headed towards the house. I started to follow.
"It was good to see you James," Adele called out. "See you again, soon, yes?"
I told Celine more about the relationship with Adele and how she had been possessive and controlling.
"I do not think she likes me!" Celine laughed.
We moved on to the subject of her book and I asked how it was going. She told me her grandmother had died a year ago and left her enough money to concentrate on the book for the next year. Celine said she'd like to stay longer but had arranged another interview.
After she'd gone I thought about Adele. Was she really serious about seeing me soon? 

PS Wednesday 10th September 2014

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